Teleprompter – The Soul Sucker.

January 29, 2014 @ 8:00 AM

by Randall Gerber

CEO, The Gerber Group

The Soul Sucker is not a Harry Potter curse.  It’s worse.

Let’s be clear.  It takes a good actor to use a teleprompter in a video production and seem natural, enthusiastic and credible.

I’ve seen it many times.  A successful executive.  A talented surgeon.  In person or in an interview format, they look you in the eye.  Hand gestures come naturally.  The non-verbal communication is strong, effective.

Then, someone says, “It’s important we get the words right.  Can we use a teleprompter?” 

Of course we can use a teleprompter.  Technically, we use a half-silvered mirror so that the video subject can look right ......

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The Patient Testimonial

January 27, 2014 @ 8:00 AM

By Randall Gerber, CEO, The Gerber Group

It’s a STORY your audience wants to SEE

Hospital Social Media, Web Sites, and Service Line Blogs are places where patient testimonials are commonly found.  A truly effective patient testimonial requires several key elements:

  •  A compelling story of success or recovery.

  • A patient who can tell it warmly and effectively.

  • A setting where he patient looks natural.

  • And, of course, good lighting, clear audio.

Yet, even with all these elements a patient testimonial can fail, because all we see is a “talking head.”  Or worse, a talking head sitting in front of a plain wall. There’s a reason that an academy award is given ......

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Times Change – The Power of Video Doesn’t

January 26, 2014 @ 12:24 PM

By Randall Gerber

CEO, The Gerber Group

Many years ago – more than I’m willing to admit – I was one of 4 recipients of a graduate scholarship from the National Association of Broadcasters.  At that time, the NAB was a very powerful trade association representing over-the-air radio and TV broadcasters. 

Key to winning the scholarship was an essay (today we’d call it a blog) describing the reasons behind the ascendency and power of television. Changes abound since that writing: Cable TV was born and is swallowing over-the-air broadcasters. Personal computers were created – destined to become ubiquitous. Cell phones started as “bricks” – evolving to the size and weight of a playing ......

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