Amortizing Your Video Investment

March 6, 2014 @ 10:49 AM

Nearly everyone in healthcare is feeling budget pressure these days.  Marketing is no different.  Phrases, such as Return On Investment (ROI), are as common in healthcare marketing suites as “media mix” and “positioning lines.”

Good Video – whether for social media, internal communications or other purposes – costs money.  Either internal resources are committed to a project.  Or out-of-pocket expenditures go to a vendor.

One of the most effective ways to justify the expenditure of video is to “amortize” its cost.  Here’s another business term to understand.  Amortize essentially means spreading the cost of something over different time periods or uses.


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Why were the Olympics so Boooring?!

March 5, 2014 @ 4:00 PM

Why was I more interested in an update on Bob Costa’s pink eye than the events?

Oh sure, NBC crowed about its ratings.  But the truth is…the coverage was boring.  The time-delayed events aired at 8pm Eastern Time.  But WHY did they run quarterfinal and semi finals? And then they ran the finals in looong, boring segments.

Why were the Olympics boring?  Two words: Weak storytelling.  And weak storytelling applies to healthcare video as well as the Olympics.

It was like all the youngsters running the NBC coverage had never watched the classic ABC Wide World of Sports.  ABC took B-level (and sometimes C-Level) sports…delayed and edited them for maximum intensity and excitement.

OK.  SO ......

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