How are You Using Your Media Channels

Randall Gerber, CEO, The Gerber Group

In earlier posts, we discussed the definition of Content Marketing and How Healthcare Media Channels have evolved over the years.  In this article, we’re going to show why Content Marketing is a valuable tool and where Content Marketing fits in the overall marketing strategy.

Offering free, helpful and non-promotional information to a defined audience

Using Search Engine Optimization to craft this material.  This ensures that the key words people are most using in their search are found in your headline and articles.

Leveraging the consumers’ penchant to searching health online through PPC advertising, which uses key words and is directly tied to searches about the topic of your article.

People learn about health through your generosity.

Readers associate hospital’s physician with offering useful information.

Hopefully, they’ll think: “They’re giving me this for free.”  “They’re not flogging me about their latest procedure or equipment.”  “There are links in this article to other useful information.”

Content Marketing is VERY measureable: How many exposures? Click throughs?

·   Very few paid media can provide metrics with the specificity of Content Marketing.  Newspapers and magazines can tell you how many copies they print – not how many are read.  Radio and TV ratings are estimated, based on samples. And outdoor ads….well?!

·   How many people saw the AD for this article.  How many people clicked through to read the article?  How many people left their email address or signed up for an automatic feed of future articles on this topic?

Content Marketing can change on a dime.  News story today about men, testosterone replacements and heart troubles? 

·   Do some research, get a doctor’s comment, and write 400 words.  Place some PPC ads.  Your are in the hunt.

·   Current PPC ads not working?  Change them right now.

·   No need to wait for a newspaper to publish it.  No need to wait for a TV commercial to be written and produced.)

There is even software that would allow you to identify interested visitors, who return to your blog exploring the same topic (Total Knee Joint Replacement).  Then, through a physician or call center, you can reach out to the person to see if they would like an appointment with a specialist.

Hopefully, you are now better armed to talk with your System CEO or CFO to discuss adding Content Marketing to you overall strategy and plan.

If you have questions that haven’t been answered in this or other posted articles, let me know. 

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