Spice it up. Add Video To Your Blog

Randall Gerber, CEO, The Gerber Group

Load up your online Content Marketing articles with great writing, nifty facts and catchy sub-heads.  It makes a very good blog.  So, why am I going to suggest that you occasionally add some video?

Because it works.

Viewers spend 100% more time on Web pages with videos on them. (Marketing Sherpa) Posts with videos attract 3 times more inbound links than plain text. (SEOMoz)

People learn differently.  Some by reading. Some by hearing.  Some by seeing.  Video offers sight, sound, motion, color, speaking to your audience intimately sitting on their desktop, just inches from their face.

Even when we read text, 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Non-text visuals are processed by the brain 60-thousand times faster than text.

Video triggers different sections of our brains for different reasons. 

The brain processes information from the face of someone delivering information. It weighs the value and credibility of the source and communications.

The brain processes a voice’s the tone, inflection, and pauses to bring new context and meaning to a message.

Motion in the video triggers portions of the brain that go back to the earliest humans.  Spotting motion and processing it to determine friend or foe kept our ancestors from the dinosaurs’ jaws.  Body language helps the “modern me” conduct a more sophisticated evaluation than simply friend or foe – adding an emotional evaluation to the actual words being spoken.

People like video.  Some 85% of Internet users watch videos online. (Neilsen)  Twitter shares 700 YouTube videos every minute. (YouTube)

To find out more, watch this video.   

OR….this video.   

How do you feel about adding visuals and video to your blogs?  Let me know.  We’ll share your comments.




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