Content Marketing Works. Check the Numbers.

Randall Gerber, CEO, The Gerber Group

Web site visitors tripled in a year.  Millions of exposures. Thousands of readers.  More procedures.

Content Marketing Adds UpIt’s the new buzzword among healthcare marketers – Content Marketing.  You generously provide information on topics that are helpful to people looking to educate themselves. And Voila, success!

Well, not really.

It takes an integrated effort.

First, ensure that the web site has on ongoing search engine optimization program

Second, before the first word of a healthcare blog is written, research needs to be done to discover the terms related to the topic people are looking for on the web.  Next comes more research -- this time  to ensure that the topic being covered follows accepted medical guidelines.  Then, there’s the medical review by a physician.  Finally, analysis of the completed piece to ensure it is easily readable (not always simple with healthcare topics – can you say cystoscopy, electrophysiology or atrial fibrillation?)

Mix in a geotargeted pay-per-click and banner ad campaign

Then wait.  Because, Content Marketing works – but not instantly.

Here are the results from one of my clients, who started content marketing a year ago on four service lines – heart, cancer, orthopedic and pelvic health.

  • Within a year, the number of visitors to the web site tripled.
  • Monthly page views jumped 2.5 times from a year earlier.
  • For the most recent 6 months, the blog home page was the 3rd most visited page, just behind the home page and physician search.
  • In the most recent month, the heart blog was the 3rd most visited page, behind the home page and physician finder.
  • In the first 6 months of 2014, 4 million people saw the online ads for the blog and more than 14,000 people clicked to read a heart blog article.

Beyond those statistics, we know this:

While the American Heart Association says trends for most heart procedures in the US are trending down, my content marketing client’s procedures are up.

In summary, Content Marketing takes times to build. It’s likely you won’t see immediate results.  Yet, the sooner you start, the m,ore quickly you'll see results.