DO Take Your Writing for Granite

April 21, 2015 @ 10:17 AM

By Randall Gerber

Writer –Winning  2014 Best ROI healthcare blog - By the Carolinas Healthcare PR and Marketing Society

CEO The Gerber Group

No. The headline isn’t misspelled. I mean granite (or marble) because one way to view writing is to approach it the way a sculptor appraises a piece of granite or marble.

Good writing is like good sculpture

Like a writer, a sculptor removes everything that doesn't belong.How do they create their art? They take away everything that isn’t needed for the final masterpiece.

First they take the big chunks away from the corners. The healthcare blog writer removes chunks of medical jargon and technical terms. Even as the large chunks are hammered away, the sculpture has a vision of the final work – a hero leaning forward, a woman ...

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A Man of His Word...or 500

April 13, 2015 @ 5:16 AM

By Randall Gerber

Writer – Winner - 2014 Best ROI healthcare blog - Carolinas Healthcare PR and Marketing Society

CEO, The Gerber Group

Today, creativity is just the start of good writing.

When I talk with college students about writing, my advice is simple: the hardest part of writing…getting your butt in the chair.

Admittedly, good writing requires more than that. Thinking through your idea before you sit down. Allowing your brain to think about an idea while you sleep is one technique I use. Walking the dog is another method. While your pooch smells the roses (or other dog’s pee), let your mind mull. Finally, on a day when my mind has more trouble starting that an automobile in a Minnesota winter, I try cream-...

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