Crisis Communications

Don’t let a crisis cripple you.

When a company or organization faces a major disaster or organizational crisis, communicating a credible message to employees, shareholders, legislators and the media can often be critical to the organization’s Crisis Communicationcontinued success.  The Gerber Group Team is experienced with many organizations and industries – electronics, healthcare, government, automotive, airlines, power, real estate development and manufacturing. They can quickly parse the information and find the keys to tell your story.

Message Development.  The Team’s ability to craft clear, concise messages for an organization’s leadership or spokespeople makes them valuable contributors to a senior management group.

Management Communications Training.  We work with senior executives on how to build and deploy a crisis management team.  By combining the Gerber Group’s years of experience, we explain and train senior spokespeople on the elements of crafting and delivering a caring, credible story.

Clients include:

CIGNA Corporation, Philadelphia, PA

McLeod Health, Florence, SC

HealthCare Leadership Council, Washington, DC

Alliance for Managed Care, Washington, DC

Marlboro Electric Cooperative, Inc., Bennettsville, SC

Marlboro Development Team, Bennettsville, SC